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I’ve used many different services from Aweber to Mailchimp and they all do the same thing but they operate very differently. The first one I tried when I started selling online many years ago was Aweber. Today I use Send Reach and I don’t see any change for years to come. The service and the system they have built is first class but and there is a big but.

At the time of writing this post they have a special deal available that is a one off lifetime subscription. All the other service providers charge are monthly recurring and soon so will Send Reach. But get in now and you’ll have no monthly costs forever!

Once they switch to monthly which they have said will happen in the very near future, they will, based on the fact that they have the most powerful system available, probably be the most expensive in the market. The monthly cost has not been released but like I said, if you need a great autoresponder that’s powerful and yet easy to use, check out Send Reach now and you will get a one time deal that will save you hundreds if not thousands over the years. It starts at just $297 for life!

 Send Reach

For me this is currently the best autoresponder period! I say currently because a lot can change over the years and they best now could be usless five years from now. Below are what I consider to be the plus points that make Send Reach the number one autoresponder.

1. Cost effective (as of writing they have a one off life  time payment deal that I jumped on immediately)
2. Service – They have made changes to the system based on user feedback, including some changes just for me. Also their response time is fast.

3. No Extra costs (apart from if you want sms). Most of the others charge you for extras like one click signups but with Send Reach it’s all included

4. No per email cost – Again the others all charge on a per email sent basis if you go beyond your package allocation

5. Simple to set up and use – Considering that they still have all the built in power like geo-targeting and facebook and Google integration, using Send Reach is super easy in comparison to all the others I’ve ever tried bar none. I can get forms and lists built in minutes.


Aweber is easy to use but right now as I write they keep getting denial of service attacks, so anyone using their links will be very worried! When I used Aweber they didn’t have a decent form builder but now they do and it’s super simple to use.

On the whole I found their service to be okay but as time went on I kept hearing of issues with deliverability. The problem all autoresponder service face is if they relax their spam rules, they open themselves up to more complaints. I’m not sure if aweber did this but for me I needed a bit more power so I decided to try Send Pepper.

Send Pepper

Initially I was very impressed with Send pepper but this was the most complex system I tried. On the plus side they had a great mobile app that let you know as soon as you had a sign up. What was impressive for a new list member to receive call from you minutes after they signed up. You can’t get more personal and on the ball than that right?

But the comlpexity of the system meant I hardly used it because well quite simply it put me off. So I went to Mailchimp.


Mail Chimp

As for MailChimp they are great if you want a basic free service. You can have about 1200 on your list without paying anything. However the free service is very restricted. You can do individual mail blasts but you can’t do any sequenced mailing unless you upgrade.

This is where Mailchimp can become expensive if you mail a lot because almost everything is an extra cost over and above the basic monthly subscription.


Winner of the best autoresponder is Send Reach

Mail Chimp


Send Pepper

Send Reach

Constant Contact

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